Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting survival is already en beta version!

Try the beta version of this action game, in which you have to build your fortress and defend it, facing hundreds of zombie hordes. It won't be easy!

Stay Alive Crafting survival:

Introductory Comic.

We present the comic that we showed during the introduction of the game. It is a rogue and unusual introduction.

 We hope you like it !! 

Stay alive crafting survival FEVER !!

Here is Jack, starring Stay alive

We show you who will be our starring for our second project.

 We are still working on possible modifications, but as you can see we already have a model for our work.

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Background Stay alive

We present the new background for our second project.


Maybe, intimidating? 

In our background for: Stay alive, we want to give the impression of playing on a closed night, halfway between the forest and the city, without the remains of human activity. 

As our project is a "survival" game, we need to provide that touch of tension in Stay alive, that is why we have opted for this background in dark tones and without the contribution of external lights. 

We hope you like it..

New version of Minethieves

Thank to you all, we keep improving it!

We have learnt by ourselfs, that's why is very important to have your feedback to keep improving.

You will find in this new version lot of improvements that you recommended us through twitter, facebook and this website.

We hope you like it!

Mine Thieves has been published !!

We are proud to report the release of our first mobile game. 

It has been a hard work, and a very good experience that allow to the team whats work, a whats not.

We are aware that this first project is not up to the great videogame companies on the planet, but it is a first step to get closer to our indie audience.

Please contact with us for every issue, we are still working in this development.

This is the link.

Enjoy it !!

Latest Beta version of Mine Thieves is already.

 We have improved conectivity and gaming!! Give us your opinion!

Your next free game is very close!

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