Surely you remember this type of games. It is a classic, but this time set in the sea.

Is there something more relaxing ??

In addition, you can create your own levels and share them with us. In future updates we will be adding the levels created by you.


Increase your snake length and destroy as much blocks as possible!

1010 Block Puzzle

Do you remember Tetris?

With 1010 Block Puzzle you'll play a tetris like game, but with an updated game mechanic.

Compete in the worldwide ranking and try to reach the number 1!


We present our new game, Geometry Runner Dash!

In this game you will test your reflexes and skills trying to pass the 8 levels.
Choose the character you most identify with and have fun for hours!


In Herdoza Studio we have published those classic games that we have all played at some time:

Try them and tell us your opinion!

Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting survival has been released!

Try this great action game, where you can build your fortress to face hundreds of zombie hordes. It won't be ease!

Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting survival

Comic introduction

We present the comic that appears during the intro, any improvement point that you tell us will be well received!!

We hope that in this way, the introduction is a bit more hooligan than usual :)

Stay alive, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Presentation of Jack, protagonist of Stay alive

We show you who will be our protagonist for our second project.

We are still working on possible modifications, but as you can see we already have a model for our work.

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Background for Stay alive

We present the new background for our second project.


Maybe, intimidating?

In our background for: Stay alive, we want to give the impression of playing on a closed night, halfway between the forest and the city, without the remains of human activity.

As our project is a "survival" game, we need to provide that touch of tension in Stay alive, that is why we have opted for this background in dark tones and without the contribution of external lights.

We hope you like it.

New version of Mine Thieves

Thanks to your comments we keep improving!

As nobody is born taught, we had to fall and get up again, that's why your feed back is so important and know what we should improve.

That is why we have implemented the improvements that you have indicated to us, either from our twitter account, or on our facebook / web page.

We hope you like it !!.

Mine Thieves has been released! 

Mine Thieves has been released! We are proud to announce the launch of our first game for mobile devices.

It has been a hard work, and a very good experience that allowed the team to know what works and what is not inside a video game.

We are aware that this first project does not correspond to the big videogame companies on the planet, but it is a first step to get closer to our independent audience.

Your next free game is very close!

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